Choosing colors for your home can be a difficult task, but we’ll help you simplify it with our easy painting tips and ideas. Knowing how to best use individual colors will create a room you'll absolutely love.

Before making that all important decision, here’s a few questions to ask yourself.


Where am I in the decorating process? Paint selection should be last in most cases. Wait until the big items or permanent backgrounds are in place before you pick a specific hue.

Have you considered the room? Before choosing a paint color, consider which direction your room faces, the amount of natural light and how high your ceilings are. Color reads true in south-facing rooms, but the color on the walls will look different than the color on a paint card in north-facing rooms.

We hope this has you finding inspiration for your next painting project. Stay tuned as we explore why the paint sheen you select is almost as important as the color. Additionally, we’ll take an in depth look at the on-trend paint colors of 2019. Maybe one of them is just perfect for you!


Until next time,

Cyndi & Kelly


What other colors am I using? Consider your paint color in relationship to your furniture, fabrics, and accessories, as well as millwork, flooring, and other surfaces such as cabinetry, countertops, and fixtures.

Have a I tried any samples?  Don't rely on a little chip. Instead, after you have really thought about the mood you want to create, pull your favorite two or three paint colors and paint swatches on your walls or on a board so you can get a good feel for how the colors will look in your space. Never decide on a color in the paint store!

Have I looked at the sample more than once? Lighting can dramatically affect a paint color, as can the time of day. Once you have your painted sample, be sure to study it at different times of the day and in various lighting scenarios. Pick a color that looks best at the time that you are most likely to be in the room and with the lighting you will use most often.

How do I know if this is a color I’ll love? It can be difficult to really know whether you are going to love a color until it's on your walls. The best advice I can give is to steer clear of fear and trust yourself. A color looks good if you like it. And, there's always the option of hiring a color consultant/interior designer. It's our job to help you find the colors you love.

April 19th, 2019

Spring is here and for many of us that means a time to deep clean, update and beautify our homes. Paint is a designer’s best tool.  Paint is affordable, quick, and easy. Any space can be freshened up with coat of paint.

Colors affect us in numerous ways, both mentally and physically. They can energize us, cheer us, make us feel safe, calm and relaxed, or increase the ability to concentrate. Color can also depress us or contribute to making us feel tired or irritated.  We must take this into account when we choose colors for our home. Color can be your most powerful design element if you learn to use it effectively.