Space Planning

​Whether it's simple furniture placement or moving walls We’re experts at finding creative ways to reinvent  your space to maximize functionality, comfort, efficiency, and traffic flow.


Uniquely Designed Interiors is committed to creating the perfect interior to meet the clients' objectives and expectations.  Our projects include both residential and commercial spaces, existing homes and new construction.

 We specialize in creating design solutions to fit any style or budget.  


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Window Treatments

 We will give you the best fabrics and window treatment ideas to make your room look finished and complete. With our renderings you will get the benefit of seeing your selected fabrics on your actual windows before the fabric is purchased and the sewing begins.

Interior Redesign

By using furniture and accessories that you already own, we create a space that is fresh and inviting.​

Model Merchandising

​​Our expertise and creativity deliver an amazing end result that captures your demographic at an incredible price per square foot.

Project Management

and Remodeling

​​We hold your hand throughout the entire remodel process, making sure our designs are installed and implemented as planned. We work with extremely competent  sub-contractors. Our regular job site visits, and constant communication ensure that every aspect of your project is completed correctly, on time, and on budget.

Color Specification

​We love helping our clients incorporate color into their home using multiple mediums. We can help you tastefully bring in more color using  paint, wallpaper, textiles, and faux finishes.

Finishes and Materials

Selecting materials for a construction project can be overwhelming, and pulling it all together is even more so. We’ll help you make the right choices in flooring, cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, etc. And we’ll track all of your selections with drawings and a specification document so contractors have a detailed plan to follow.

Furniture and Lighting Selection

 We help our clients find customized furniture and that perfect light fixture to finish off their spaces and reflect their personal style.